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Downloads and Helpful Video Links

Soon you will be able to download music, scripts and more directly from our website. Be sure to check back soon!

Here are some links to helpful YouTube instructional videos from CenterStage Press and Project CenterStage:

How to change the key of any cd or music file. (Project CenterStage - CenterStage Press: Changing the Key of Any Music CD File - Mike Lancy)

How to set up a streaming video account with USTREAM. (Project CenterStage - CenterStage Press: Setting Up Your Video Streaming Account)

How to edit links with CushyCMS. (Creating and Editing Links in CushyCMS - Project CenterStage - Mike Lancy)

How to edit text with CushyCMS. (Project CenterStage - CenterStage Press: Editing Text with CushyCMS - Mike Lancy)

How to set up and use Animoto. (How to Set up Animoto and Your Media Page - Project Centerstage - CenterStage Press)

CenterStage Press YouTube page.

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